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About Konjac

Konjac is a solution to world poverty?

The majority of people currently living on the earth are the poor.

On the other hand, at the developed countries, there are many people diet because of obese by overeating. 

Even though we are both human being, why would there be such a big difference depending on where you live?

Oddly, konjac plant grows naturally or cultivates in the communities with highest poverty rate in Asia. 

Since Konjac itself contains almost no calories, it is not a preferable food for places like these. But oppositely, as a low calorie food, konjac becomes a very precious ingredient in the developed countries where people is in need of dietary food.

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Konjac is grown in the fields, After harvesting, it will be cut and dried as chips,and processed into flour with a special machine. Konjac fine flour is mainly used as raw materials for producing Konjac product. In the recent years, it is also being used as a food additive and demand is growing rapidly. 


Quality Management

Secrets of Our High Quality Products

Selecting the highest quality of raw materials

Chinese made Konjac products are currently made from 2 major types of Konjac plant: White Konjac and Flower Konjac. Comparing these two types of Konjac, White Konjac is better than Flower Konjac because of the viscosity, taste and color.

Our company Senshin International Co., Ltd. produces all Konjac line products with White Konjac as the raw material, while most of our competitors is using Flower Konjac. Customers can tell the difference right away simple tasting.