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Konjac is grown in the fields, After harvesting, it will be cut and dried as chips,and processed into flour with a special machine. Konjac fine flour is mainly used as raw materials for producing Konjac product. In the recent years, it is also being used as a food additive and demand is growing rapidly.

In particular, area like North America and European countries with high obesity rate per population,Konjac could be widely applied in meat products, ham, sausage, bread, noodles, cakes, cookies, salad dressings and beverages.

Konjac fine flour, as a food additive with wonderful qualities, contains polysaccharide thickener which allows good water absorption,viscosity,and water retention.It also can be added as a healthy fiber into food product.


Konjac products are honored as a Buddhist vegetarian food since ancient times in Japan as an important nabe(pot)cooking ingredient.Nabe cooking is one of the essential winter menus at home.Sukiyaki,Oden,and stew in Japan always included konjac.Konjac is to absorb the meat and vegetable broth in the stew pot,so we can enjoy the taste of the soup just by eating the Kopjac. 

By eating meat and vegetables with Konjac,you can suppress your calorie intake. The higher percentage of Konjac fbod intake during a meal,the lesser the total intake of calories will be.For the people nowadays who tend to have excessive calories intake,Konjac would become the perfect ingredient.